Storm Water Collection System and Flooding Survey

The PAMUD Board has received input from some residents regarding surface water flooding of their homes as a result of significant rain events.  The PAMUD constructed and maintains several inlets and underground conveyance pipes that comprise the PAMUD storm sewer system.  Elements of this drainage system are over 50 years old.  The PAMUD Board approved a plan to investigate the extent of flooding and potential issues in its system by surveying residents to help identify the frequency, severity and location of any structural flooding.   If you have experienced water levels above your structural floor slab, please fill out the questionnaire linked below and return as directed.  The results of this survey will help the Board move to the next step, which will include camera inspections of trouble spots to help identify blockage or plugged conveyance pipes.  Additional steps, including discussion on engineering analyses and potential rehabilitation construction projects, will be considered by the Board as options in future meetings.

To view the flood survey, please click here.