Frequently Asked Questions

How to Report a Water, Sewer Leak or Smell?

  1.  Report when and where you observed the problem.
  2. If nothing is done in a timely manner, call your MUD Board director. They will follow up to see that the problem is addressed and repaired.

What Causes Occasional Dirty or Discolored Water?

Some of the water lines in our district are 30 to 40 years old. Over the years sediment and minerals in the water have settled and stuck to the inside of the distribution lines and your water pipes. This sediment will break loose during flushing or anytime we lose water pressure due to a line break, maintenance work or power loss. This is a temporary condition and is easily corrected. We recommend that you run your outside water hose 5 to 10 minutes then check to see if the problem improves. If it has not corrected itself, call your MUD director –they will get a crew out to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Please Report Any Unusual People or Activity Around Any of the Water or Sewer Facilities

Note: Vehicle Description and License # if possible and report it to a MUD Board director. All of our facilities are fenced and locked but observant residents are helpful in keeping vandalism and other detrimental activities to a minimum.

Why Does Our Water Taste Different?

For almost 40 years our water has come from our own wells 1, 2 &3 located in the Evangeline and Jasper water aquifers. We grew accustomed to this harder water and how it tasted. Due to over use and Montgomery County’s growth and development, these aquifers are running dangerously low. The State of Texas, Lone Star Water Conservation Board and the San Jacinto River Authority addressed the problem by coming up with a water conservation plan and alternate water source. The conservation plan called for a 30% reduction in water use county-wide and the SJRA started charging our District (currently $2.75 per 1,000 gallons) for water taken from our own wells. To circumvent these expensive fees to SJRA, our district drilled a larger and much deeper well (#4) into the Catahoula Aquifer which is unregulated. Some dry summer months those SJRA fees would run as high as $30,000 per month, raising the cost of our water bills considerably. Large Lake communities like Bentwater, Walden and April Sound are operating out of the Catahoula successfully so we elected to follow suit and do the same. The Catahoula is a huge aquifer that spans from El Paso, Texas to Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. We are blessed to be in what some call “the Sweet Spot” with good water that is usable without a lot of additional treatment. The new water comes out of the ground much softer (less minerals) than our old water, so it does taste different. The water sands are closer to the earth’s core so the water is warmer and comes out at about 96 to 98 degrees. When needed we use our old cool water wells to blend with and cool the new warner Catahoula water. Bentwater’s Catahoula water comes out at 105 to 110 degrees so they have installed water cooling towers. Water towers are a noisy and expensive solution and hopefully something that we won’t have to do.

Is Our Water Safe to Drink and How Often Is It Tested?

Yes our water is safe to drink. The water supply is tested at least once daily for safe chlorine content levels. A bacterial test is performed 3 to 4 times each month to assure that the water is clean and safe. The chemical analysis of the water is performed yearly by the state and again by the district using an independent lab. Those results are posted on the Point Aquarius MUD Website and the state posts findings on the State website. Link information is provided on the District’s website.

What Do Your Do If Your Water Is Turned Off

Check to make sure you received and paid your bill on time. Check to see if your check has cleared. If it has, call C & R Water Supply and ask them to verify whether they received your check. If they don’t have record of payment, provide them the check number and date. If a mistake has been made, they will make the correction and restore your water service. If you have problems with this procedure call a MUD director and they will intervene on your behalf and assist you. Remember that C & R Water Supply processes several thousand accounts monthly and they are human just like us and subject to making mistakes, as we all do. Remember those folks have probably heard every “the dog ate my water bill” story ever told. They are just doing their job.

The New Point Aquarius Mud Website is currently up and running and is designed to be transparent and give you access to your Municipal Utility District, your board of directors and all of the district’s vendors. You can see all the financial reports, audits, operating schedules, rate orders and contact information for board members and vendors. It includes state laws and regulations and shows business conducted on your behalf by your board of directors. The website is an ongoing and ever improving endeavor to keep our property owners up to date on the operations and activities surrounding your Point Aquarius Municipal Utility District.

Additional information is provided on our website or you may always call a director. Remember the elected board works for you and we are here to help.

Remember the elected board works for you.